Room Reservation Priority

Facility Priority
Crawford Hall Athletic Complex 1. Athletics
2. Public events managed by Athletics
3. Academic programs
4. UCI lectures and cultural events
5. Student organizations, UCI Extension
Fine Arts Village 1. Academic programs*
2. Public events staged by the School of the Arts
3. UCI lectures and cultural events
4. UCI Extension and student organizations
5. Non-University sponsored events
General Assignment Classrooms
Changes quarterly. Classroom descriptions available for specific buildings.  
1. Academic classes and concurrent UCI Extension courses*
2. UCI lectures and cultural events
3. UCI Extension
4. Non-academic UCI programs
5. Non-University sponsored events groups

* includes only scheduled academic instruction requirements. Does not include added symposiums, colloquiums class meetings, etc., which may be desired inconnection with a specific course but not prescheduled as an academic instruction space requirement.

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