UCI Policies

Sec. 300-16 Transitional Work Program Policy

Sec. 420-10 Policy for Student International Activities

Sec. 500 UCI Food Service Policy

Sec. 501-05 Emotional Support Animals in Housing Policy

Sec. 600-10 UCI Libraries Administrative Policies

Sec. 680-10 Policy on Gifts and Endowments

Sec. 680-12 Policy on Memorial and Honorary Funds

Sec. 700-01 Administrative Committees

Sec. 700-09 Policies on Gifts, Gratuities and Conflict of Interest

Sec. 700-10 Policy on Non-Research Sponsorship and Service Agreements

Sec. 700-16 Policy on Conflicts of Interest Created By Consensual Relationships

Sec. 700-20 Policy on Use of University Name and Seals, Campus Names and Seal and Trademarks

Sec. 700-30 Policy on International Academic MOUs and Agreements

Sec. 701-21 Updating Vendor Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Information

Sec. 701-22 Recharge Facility and Activity Review and Approval Policy

Sec. 701-23 Sales and Service Activities Policy

Sec. 703-11 Amendments to the Operating Budget - Implementation Guidelines

Sec. 703-12 Fund Management - Budgetary Savings Policy

Sec. 704-14 Policy on Credit and Debit Card Acceptance and Security

Sec. 706-10 Property Inventory Control System Policy

Sec. 710-10 Internal Audit Policy

Sec. 710-11 External Audit Policy

Sec. 713-10 Policy on Student Fees and Service Charges

Sec. 713-11 Policy on Fees for Non-University Users of Campus Properties and Services

Sec. 714-15 Policy on Access to University Administrative Information Systems

Sec. 714-18 Computer and Network Use Policy

Sec. 715-01 Policy on Travel Authorization and Approval

Sec. 721-12 Archives

Sec. 800-16 Web Policy

Sec. 801 Policy on Mail Services, Shipping and Receiving

Sec. 802-11 Policy on Use of Videotapes

Sec. 802-12 Policy on Off-Air Recording of Broadcast Programming for Educational Purposes

Sec. 900-01 Free Speech at UCI Policy

Sec. 900-10 Policy on Use and Scheduling of UC Irvine Properties

Sec. 900-12 Policy on Posting and Distribution of Literature and Materials

Sec. 900-13 Policy on the Sale, Service and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages

Sec. 900-15 UCI Major Events Policy

Sec. 900-16 Policy on Temporary Access to University Properties by Off-Campus Vendors and Commercial Entities

Sec. 900-20 Withdrawal of Consent to Remain on Campus - Policy

Sec. 900-22 ASUCI Marquee Posting Policy

Sec. 900-30 Policy on Filming and Photography on the UC Irvine Campus

Sec. 902-14 Policy for Key Control and Access to Campus Facilities

Sec. 903-10 Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Policy

Sec. 903-14 Smoke and Tobacco Free Environment Policy and Procedures

Sec. 903-23 Fireworks Policy

Sec. 903-29 Drug and Alcohol Testing of Transportation Employees Policy

Sec. 904 Policy on Parking, Transportation and Traffic Regulation

Sec. 905 Police Department - Authority and Jurisdiction

Sec. 905-30 Emergency Management Policy

Sec. 905-40 Policy on Non-Research Animals on Campus