Compliance and Audit

University of California

University Policy Office
Responsible for the Systemwide Policies/Guidelines and oversees the policy-making process for which the President has authority. Consults with diverse constituencies on the ten UC campuses. The Office issues all Delegations of Authority and is the official repository of historical and current documents.

Office of Ethics, Compliance & Audit
Provides direction, guidance and resource references to University of California entities on how to optimize ethical and compliant behavior through an ethics and compliance program.

Office of the General Counsel
Provides legal services to the University, including advice, representation, research and training. Legal opinions are provided to the Board of Regents, administration, faculty, staff and others acting on the University's behalf.

University Auditor
Responsible for the systemwide Internal Audit Program (audits, investigations and advisory services). Resources include a departmental quiz and discussion of internal controls.

UC Whistleblower

UC Codes of Conduct

UC Conflict of Interest Code
This Code lists position titles of those employees in designated positions who are required to provide personal financial information. It includes disclosure categories for these positions and indicates the types of economic interest which must be reported in compliance with the California Political Reform Act. The Code is issued by the Office of the General Counsel of the Regents. (See also Compendium Of Conflict Of Interest And Integrity Policies – Guidance.)

UC Irvine

Administrative Policies Office
A centralized resource for information on UC and UCI policies, delegations of authority, and conflict of interest.

Campus Ethics & Compliance Officer

Office of Campus Counsel

Internal Audit Services
A department providing risk assessment, consulting, and investigatory services to campus business units.

Business Conduct Principles Reference Guide
A guide to the principles that underpin ethical business practices at the University of California.

Resources for filing a Whistleblower complaint.