Form 700 - Conflict of Interest (COI)


At the University of California, Irvine (UCI), we are committed to maintaining transparency and upholding ethical standards in all aspects of our administrative and academic endeavors. The Administrative Policies and Procedures Office (Policy Office) aids in this process through the management of the Form 700 Conflict of Interest (COI) filing requirement.

This page provides important information about conflicts of interest, including the rules and regulations outlined by the California Political Reform Act.

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The California Political Reform Act requires certain state and local government officials (including some University employees) to disclose their personal financial interests.

Financial disclosure is made on the Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700), which must be filed annually.

Filed forms are public documents that must be made available to anyone who requests them.

The University of California operates under the 2014 Conflict of Interest Code, which aligns with the requirements of the California Political Reform Act.

Each state and local agency, including the University of California, must adopt a conflict of interest code tailored to the disclosure requirements for each position within the agency

At UCI, employees in designated positions are required to file a Form 700 and disclose personal financial interests in accordance with the assigned disclosure categories, such as investments in business entities, interests in real estate, sources of personal income, and positions of management or employment with business entities. For a comprehensive list of designated positions and their corresponding disclosure categories, refer to the Designated Positions and Disclosure Categories (PDF).

Determination about whether a position would be considered a Form 700 filer is at the discretion of each unit. Units should use the information on the UCOP website, 2014 Conflict of Interest Code and the Designated Positions and Disclosure Categories
documents to determine if the duties associated with the classification meet the Form 700 filing requirement.

When a designated Form 700 filer position has been vacated and/or filled, it is the responsibility of the unit to contact the policy office at to ensure that all filing requirements have been met. The following information should be provided in your communication:

  • Assuming Office:
    • Individual’s start date
    • UCI email address
    • Official position title
  • Leaving Office:
    • Individual’s leaving office date
    • UCI email address
    • Personal email address (to send final reporting documents)
    • Official position title

University employees in designated positions identified by the Conflict of Interest Code are required to file Form 700. These positions are determined based on the types of decisions a person holding that position would make.

If you are uncertain whether you are a designated employee or need more information about your filing obligations, please contact your unit’s contact of interest liaison or

The determination of whether you are a Form 700 designated filer depends on your position's classification in the Conflict of Interest Code.

The general rule that is often used, is that anyone making regular financial decisions on behalf of UCI should be a Form 700 filer.

If your position involves decision-making that could potentially lead to a financial conflict of interest, it is likely that you are required to file Form 700.

For further clarification and to confirm your filing obligations, please consult

The UCI Policy Office has adopted e-filing software for Form 700 called NetFile, which is also utilized and managed by the University of California Office of the President. Please contact for any questions regarding the form.
Annual Forms are due by April 1st of each year. Ensure timely submission to comply with the filing requirements.

UC Legal - Office of the General Counsel - The systemwide source of legal representation, advice and guidance.

[2014 Conflict of Interest Code (PDF)] - The full text of the 2014 Conflict of Interest Code applicable to University employees.

[2022 Designated Positions (PDF)] - An updated list of designated positions for the current year.

The UCI Policy Office remains dedicated to upholding the highest ethical standards in all our endeavors.

We encourage all members of our UCI community to familiarize themselves with the policies, regulations, and guidelines regarding conflicts of interest to ensure compliance and maintain the integrity of our institution.

Please contact for any questions or concerns.