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IDA407 - Appointment of Undergraduate Readers and Tutors

IDA 407

April 11, 2005


RE: Redelegation of Authority - Appointment of Undergraduate Readers and Tutors

Authority for academic personnel actions was delegated to the Executive Vice Chancellor by the Chancellor in his delegation of authority dated July 3, 2000. I am redelegating part of that authority to you, as specified below:

I am delegating to Academic Deans the authority to appoint undergraduates to Reader and Tutor appointments (title codes 2851 and 2861) when the appointees meet the policy requirements of the University of California and the Memorandum of Understanding, Academic Student Employees.

The Dean's office will be responsible for insuring that:

  1. The total of all appointments for the student (both staff and academic titles) does not exceed 50 percent.
  2. The student is eligible for the appointment. He/she must be currently enrolled and have a grade-point-average (GPA) of a minimum of 3.0, both overall and in the proposed area.
  3. The employment packet for the appointment is complete and accurate, and when multiple departments are involved, all appropriate approvals have been obtained.
  4. An office of record is designated (yours or the department), and that records are properly maintained.

Exceptions to appoint undergraduate students who do not meet the appointment criteria (i.e. minimum G.P.A., etc.) in current systemwide or campus policy or in the Memorandum of Understanding, Academic Student Employees, is delegated to the Dean of Undergraduate Education.

All other exceptions to policy require review and approval by the Dean of Undergraduate Education. Any requests for exceptions should be forwarded in writing and include appropriate justification from the Chair and the Dean.

This authority may not be redelegated and supersedes Executive Vice Chancellor Tien's delegation of authority on the same subject dated May 15, 1990.

Michael R. Gottfredson
Executive Vice Chancellor

cc: Special Assistant-Coordination and Review, Office of the President
Assistant Vice Chancellor-Accounting and Fiscal Services
Director, Internal Audit
Counsel to the Chancellor
Coordinator, Campus Administrative Policies
Academic Personnel