IDA 517

IDA517 - Academic Personnel Actions


IDA 517

June 19, 2012


RE: Redelegation of Authority – Academic Personnel Actions

The Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost is delegated the authority to approve academic personnel actions except those which may not be redelegated by a Chancellor, those requiring Presidential or Regental approval, and the following for which I shall retain the authority:

  1. Promotion to Tenure
  2. Promotion to Full Professor
  3. Non-Reappointment in the Regular Ranks (professorial series)

Any academic personnel actions which are delegated to the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, except those which are exceptions to University policy, may be redelegated to Deans with further redelegation allowed at the discretion of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost.

In addition, one senior faculty administrator may be designated to approve academic personnel actions on behalf of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, including exceptions to policy.

This delegation supersedes Chancellor Cicerone's July 3, 2000, delegation of authority, IDA 311.

Signed copy

Michael V. Drake, M.D.

C: Vice Provost-Academic Personnel
Assistant Vice Chancellor-Academic Personnel
Assistant Vice Chancellor-Accounting & Fiscal Services
Assistant Vice Chancellor-Human Resources
Chief Campus Counsel
Chief Health Sciences Counsel
Director, Internal Audit
Administrative Policies Officer