DMV Employer Pull Notice (EPN) Program Notification for Employees Covered by California Vehicle Code 1808.1

The California Vehicle and the Public Utility Codes require the University to participate in the Department of Motor Vehicle's Employer Pull Notice (EPN) program. This program provides employers with information about employee convictions of traffic violations and any action the DMV takes against driver's licenses and special certificates.

The job you are applying for is included in the EPN program. If you are hired for this job, the University, as your employer, will receive notices from the DMV whenever you have been convicted of any moving vehicle violation, whether on and off the job. The DMV will also inform the University of any action it takes against your driver's license or any special certificate or permit. Prior to receiving a final job offer, you will be required to provide your current DMV driver license record.

If you are hired for this job, the University will be required to keep a file on your driving record. Information received through the EPN program may be used as a basis for disciplinary actions, up to and including dismissal. Each time your department is notified of a conviction for a driving violation or action against your license, you will be counseled and may be subject to other personnel actions. If the University determines that you have a poor driving record, or your DMV point total equals or exceeds that which the DMV considers "negligent," the University can no longer employ you as a driver.

As an employee covered under the EPN program, you will be responsible for maintaining and keeping in good standing, your driver's license and any driver certificate or permit needed to do your job. You will also be responsible for immediately notifying your department manager whenever you are convicted of a motor vehicle violation or have action taken against your driver's license, permit, or certificate. If you are hired for this job, loss of your driver's license or certificate, or a poor driving record, may result in termination of University employment.

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