Policies & Procedures


Section 1

Business and Financial Affairs


Sec. 701-11: Procedure for Establishing or Changing Accounts and Funds

Responsible Office: Accounting & Fiscal Services
November 2002 (reviewed November 2006)

References / Resources

  • UC Accounting Manual
    • A-115-1, Account Classification
    • A-115-2, Accounting Codes: General Ledger
    • D-224-17, Delegation of Authority-- Signature Authorization
  • UCI Administrative Policies & Procedures

Contact: General Accounting at (949) 824-5659

Account and fund numerical codes are assigned and maintained by the Accounting Office. If a department requires a new account or fund, or needs to change or delete one already existing, a request must be submitted to the Budget Office. The request provides the Budget and Accounting Offices with information necessary to establish an account or fund, or, in the case of a change or delete, make the appropriate changes to the Financial System's tables.

A. Submitting a Request

  1. New Fund or Revenue Account

    FUND OR REVENUE ACCOUNT - Request to Establish/Change/Link/Delete

    1. For a new fund or revenue account, or when the funding source has changed, a Statement of Justification is required describing the program or activity that will create the source of funds. It should include
      • the necessity for the new fund as related to program objective (i.e., there is no other available source or supplier).
      • an estimate of the amount of income to be collected
      • the anticipated period of operation
    2. The title of a fund should include the source of income to be received (e.g., The Arts/Gallery Revenue).
  2. New Expenditure Account

    EXPENDITURE ACCOUNT - Request to Establish/Change/Link/Delete

    1. To establish a new expenditure account, the request should include a description of the purpose of the account using a Function Description code.
    2. The title of an expenditure account should include the department name or activity (e.g., COM/Psychiatry/Academic Support).
  3. Required Codes

    The department's General Ledger Code (4 digits, located on the header of Financial System ledgers) and the Home Department Payroll Code (6 digits, located on the header of the Payroll ledgers after "mail to") are required for Financial System ledger distribution and online access.

B. Authorization

The signature of the individual authorized to create or change account or fund codes for the department is required. For College of Medicine departments, approval from the Dean's Office is also required. A Signature Authorization form must be completed for each new account requested.

C. Notification of Approval

The completed request form and two copies are sent to the Budget Office for approval and then forwarded to Accounting. When the account or fund number has been assigned by the Accounting Office, the department is notified of the account/fund activation date.

For questions on establishing or changing accounts and funds, contact General Accounting, 824-5659.