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Business and Financial Affairs


Sec. 701: Accounting Office

Responsible Office: Accounting & Fiscal Services
June 2005

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Contact: Accounting & Fiscal Services at (949) 824-6817

A. Accounting Office Responsibility

The Accounting Office operates and maintains a managerial accounting and budgetary information system for University instructional, student, and business operations which encompasses the receipt, use, and disposition of all funds, regardless of source, that are allocated to the University of California, Irvine. Specific Accounting Office responsibilities include:

  1. Providing financial advice and assistance to the Vice Chancellor and Associate Vice Chancellor of Administrative and Business Services, the Chancellor, and other campus administrators.
  2. Monitoring financial and budgetary transactions to insure compliance with:
    • University, state, and campus policies and procedures
    • Governmental laws and statutory regulations
    • Governmental Accounting Standards, General Accepted Accounting
    • Principles, Financial Accounting Standards, Cost Accounting Standards, etc.
    • Terms of external funding sources.

    This includes administering all funds to ensure that expenditures are kept within amounts appropriated and that estimates are adjusted as required.

  3. Maintaining the general ledger, the official book of accounts, and other required accounting records.
  4. Preparing required campus financial reports.
  5. Operating the payroll system, including issuing paychecks, processing deductions, and assisting with the maintenance of budgetary control over salary appropriations.
  6. Disbursing funds for all nonpayroll obligations, reconciling applicable bank accounts, and maintaining good internal control of disbursements.
  7. Recording interdepartmental sales or recharges for such service and auxiliary enterprises as storehouse, parking, telephone, mail, etc.
  8. Compliance and coordination with Office of the President's initiatives in various areas such as the move toward a common information/financial systems architecture incorporating new operational requirements and technological financial capabilities in a rapid and cost effective manner.
  9. Receiving, distributing, and depositing campus cash income, maintaining effective cash management policies.
  10. Managing and collecting campus-based student loan portfolio ensuring compliance with University, state, and federal policies and regulations.
  11. Managing campus accounts receivable portfolio, providing dunning, collection, and customer services.

B. Accounting Office Organization

UCI Accounting & Fiscal Services is organized into the following six divisions:

  1. Controller's Division

    Plans, organizes, directs, and controls the Accounting Office operations.

  2. Contracts and Grants Division

    Establishes and maintains accounts for extramurally funded activities, monitors expenditure of funds, prepares billings and fiscal reports. Maintains personnel activity reporting (PAR) from an operating standpoint.

  3. Disbursement Division

    Processes accounts payable, disbursing, and travel documents; maintains records of vendor payments; and prepares reconciliations and tax reports.

  4. Payroll Division

    Processes various payroll and personnel documents, prepares payrolls, maintains records of earnings, prepares payroll expense distribution, prepares employment tax reports, and files insurance reports.

  5. General Accounting Division

    Processes student enrollment registrations and payments, campus recharges, general ledger distribution, and cashier's reports; processes endowments, establishes loan funds, prepares financial reports for service enterprises, and maintains the general ledger system (Financial System). Records expenditures and allocations to authorized projects of the Plant Accounting section, including preparation of cash requests and state claim expenditures, and capitalizes plant project accounts.

  6. Financial Services Division

    Receives, distributes, and deposits campus income, including departmental deposits, sub-cashier deposits, student registration fees and other student-related payments, accounts receivable payments, and miscellaneous transactions. Maintains Petty Cash fund. Receives, controls and invoices returned checks. Manages campus-based student loan portfolio, provides debt management counseling, and collects campus student loan receivables. Assures compliance with University, state, and federal requirements and documents loan program activities. Oversees billing agency activity. Contracts with commercial collection agencies and oversees collection agency activity. Provides dunning and collection services and manages campus accounts receivable portfolio. Manages the deferred registration fee payment (PACE) program.