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Physical Environment and Properties: Buildings and Grounds: Planning and Construction

Physical Environment and Properties

Buildings and Grounds: Planning and Construction

Sec. 901-13: Design & Construction Services

Responsible Office: Design & Construction Services
Revised: March 2001

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Contact: Design & Construction Services at (949) 824-6630

A. Design & Construction Services

Design & Construction Services designs the capital improvement projects in accordance with the space allocation and program requirements of the approved project program developed by Capital Planning. Project budgets and schedules are developed by Design and Construction Services. The design of the project is required to be in compliance with the campus Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) and individual campus quad plans as developed and managed by Campus & Environmental Planning.

B. Design Professional Selection

The selection process for design professionals is managed by Design & Construction Services. The recommendation of a consultant for a project with a total project cost in excess of one million dollars requires the approval of the Vice Chancellor - Administration and Business Services, UCI Chancellor, and Senior Vice President of the University.

C. Design Professional and Construction Contracts

Design & Construction Services is responsible for the contracting of all design professionals and construction contracts. Various types of contracts are used depending on the services required, size of the project, and general requirements of the project. The method for consultant selection is based on the type of project and the anticipated fees to be paid the consultant. Construction bidding and award requirements are dependent on the size and type of contract used.

D. Construction Site Visits

For safety and insurance reasons it is necessary to limit access to construction projects to those with specific business on the site. Unauthorized visits to construction sites may expose the University and the contractor to liability. More importantly, serious injury to the trespasser may occur as a result of not being properly instructed and not being issued safety equipped prior to entering the construction site.

University academic and staff personnel who have a need to visit an area where construction is in progress will make arrangements with Design & Construction Services at least one week in advance in order to determine a prearranged time to visit the site. A Design & Construction Services representative advises the contractor's superintendent of the particulars of the visit, obtains necessary liability waivers, and ensures that proper protective safety equipment is issued and used by all who enter the construction site.

The person assigned as the Design and Construction representative will be present at the appointed time to instruct all parties of potentially hazardous conditions and to ensure that areas where extremely dangerous construction activities occur are avoided. Should unauthorized persons be found within the construction area, the construction contractor's superintendent and/or the Design & Construction representative will escort the trespasser safely off the site, attempt to obtain the name of the person, and report the name of the intruder to the Campus Police immediately.