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Transportation and Distribution Services

Sec. 904-10: Parking Definitions, Laws, and Enforcement

Responsible Office: Transportation and Distribution Services
Revised: February 2021

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Contact: Transportation and Distribution Services at (949) 824-7275

A. Definitions

  1. Affiliate - A UCI Student or Employee.
  2. Employee - A person compensated by UCI who is not an undergraduate Student.
  3. General Parking - All parking stalls in general and mixed-use parking lots that are not marked by a sign, parking meter, and/or other restrictive designation painted on the ground.
  4. Parking Citation - The notice to a Vehicle owner/operator of failure to comply with UCI parking regulations or California Vehicle Code. A penalty is attached to each violation notice. Citations are issued according to printed and posted regulations. Depending on the nature of the violation and time control restrictions of the parking zone, multiple citations for the same infraction may be given. A Vehicle in violation of multiple regulations will receive a separate citation for each infraction.
  5. Permit - A non-transferable decal, printed tag, or other authorization issued for a specific period of time by the authority of UCI Transportation and Distribution Services which represents permission to park. A parking permit is valid only when issued to an eligible person who has complied with all terms of issuance prescribed by the University and when the permit is properly displayed.
  6. Student - A person registered for classes at UCI (not including Division of Continuing Education classes) on either a part-time or full-time basis and who is not a full-time Employee of UCI. Undergraduate students employed by UCI for any amount of time are considered students, not Employees.
  7. Vehicle - Any motorized device by which a person or property may be propelled, moved, or drawn upon a highway (includes: motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, motorized bicycles, and motorized skateboards).
    1. Motorcycle - Any two-wheeled motorized device, including mopeds and scooters, which meets the requirements of Sections 400 and 405 of the California Vehicle Code.
    2. University Vehicle - A vehicle owned and operated by the University. All University Vehicles must display a license plate bearing a diamond "E" insignia or "California Exempt" designation and University of California decal.
  8. Visitor - A person coming to the campus who is not an Employee or Student.

B. Traffic Controls and Prohibited Parking Access

A person operating a Vehicle on UCI property must comply with California Vehicle Code regulations. A Vehicle operator must obey all posted traffic controls, signs and signals, and the instructions of any UCI Transportation and Distribution Services or Police representative.

  1. Speed Limits

    University speed limits are 10 miles per hour in all parking areas and 25 miles per hour on all roads and drives unless otherwise posted.

  2. Prohibited Parking Access

    Operating motor Vehicles is prohibited on campus sidewalks, Ring Mall, lawns, or any surface not specifically designated as a campus road, street, or driveway. All Vehicles require prior authorization from Transportation and Distribution Services to drive on Ring Mall or in Aldrich Park. All Vehicles are prohibited from driving on Ring Mall or in Aldrich Park 9:00a.m. – 3:00p.m., Monday – Friday without an authorized Transportation and Distribution Services escort.

    Parking is prohibited in any area not specifically marked as a parking space. This includes, but is not limited to: planted and natural landscapes, sidewalks, pedestrian malls, service and loading docks, service drives, roadsides, driveways and parking lot drive aisles, streets and other traffic ways, pedestrian crossings, ramps for disabled access, cross-hatched areas, bus zones, red, yellow, white, and unmarked curbs, posted no parking zones, and barricaded or closed lots and roads.

  3. Removing Posted Signs or Other Marking or Warning Devices

    The removal of any traffic directional or parking sign, fence, barricade, warning device, or other marker used to direct or control Vehicle movement is prohibited. In the event of such activity, the appropriate violation notice is issued, and further disciplinary action may be taken, including the filing of criminal charges and/or notification of the appropriate Dean or Vice Chancellor.

C. Selected Parking Regulations

Section 904, Policy on Parking, Transportation, and Traffic Regulation, the California Vehicle Code, and the ordinances of the City of Irvine are enforced on the UCI campus at all times. Vehicles parked on the UCI campus are required to display parking Permits at all times.

  1. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Accessible Parking

    ADA-accessible parking spaces are available on campus. The number and type available is determined by Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines and specifications.

    1. UCI Affiliate Parking

      ADA-accessible parking spaces are available to UCI Affiliates. A Vehicle driven by a UCI Employee or Student parked in an ADA-accessible stall must display a DMV-issued Disabled Person parking placard in addition to a valid UCI parking permit.

    2. Visitor Parking

      A disabled Visitor may park in any ADA-accessible stall displaying only a DMV-issued Disabled Person parking placard. Frequent Visitors to the campus (more than five times per year) must purchase a parking Permit and display it with their Disabled Person placard to park on campus.

  2. Service Parking

    A Vehicle must display either a departmental service parking Permit or a vendor service parking Permit to park in a service stall. Only University Vehicles with a California Exempt plate are exempt from posted time restrictions.

  3. Fire Lanes/Fire Hydrants

    All roads and driveways on the UCI campus are considered fire lanes and must remain unobstructed at all times and available to emergency response Vehicles. Access to fire hydrants must also be maintained at all times. Any Vehicle obstructing a fire lane or a fire hydrant will be towed immediately.

  4. Red Curbs

    A Vehicle may not park or stop at a red curb. Most red curbs indicate a fire lane or emergency Vehicle access route.

  5. Loading Zones

    Loading zones are identified by a yellow curb or a yellow crosshatch and the words "Loading Zone" painted on the pavement. Parking is permitted for 10 minutes to facilitate the immediate loading and unloading of material. If the Vehicle must remain longer than 10 minutes, it should be moved to a service parking space. The driver must obtain a service parking Permit before parking in a service parking space.

  6. AR/Preferred Parking

    Vehicles displaying AR Permits can park in all AR Reserved parking areas, with the exception of AR Reserved stalls in lot 80. AR Permits specifically designated for lot 80 are valid only in lot 80 AR Reserved stalls.

    Student Preferred Permits are valid only in P stalls and S parking areas in the assigned zone.

    After hours, commuter Permits are valid in AR Reserved stalls, except those posted with “Enforced 24 Hour” signs.

  7. X/Reserved Parking

    X Permits are valid in all parking stalls on campus except ADA-accessible spaces.

  8. Timed Visitor Parking

    Timed parking zone regulations are enforced 24 hours daily.

  9. Resident Parking

    Resident Permits are not valid in parking structures at any time, with the exception of Middle Earth resident Permits which have certain restrictions.

  10. Employee Commuter Parking

    Faculty/staff C Permits are valid in unmarked stalls in C parking areas; some lots are designated for faculty and staff parking only.

  11. Zone-Specific Commuter Parking

    Zone commuter Permits are valid only in the zone specified on the Permit. After 3:00p.m. daily and all day Saturday and Sunday, zone commuter Permits are valid in other zones on the main campus.

  12. Evening (after 5:00 p.m.) and Weekend Parking

    All general commuter, resident, and evening Permits are valid in all General Parking stalls and non-24-hour enforced reserved parking stalls after 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and all day Saturday and Sunday. Commuter and evening Permits are not valid in resident parking areas at any time.

  13. Overnight Parking

    Only Vehicles displaying resident Permits may park overnight. All other overnight parking is prohibited unless previously authorized by Transportation and Distribution Services.

D. Use of Pepper Spray

Transportation and Distribution Services personnel are authorized to carry a non-lethal weapon (pepper spray) that can cause injury. It may be used if a person or animal presents an immediate danger to any individual and other methods are insufficient to avert attack. Instruction in its use and first aid measures for exposure to the irritant is required of all enforcement personnel.

E. Head-First Parking

All vehicles must be parked in parking spaces front-end first. Maneuvering into a parking stall so that the front-end of the vehicle is at the stall opening can disrupt the flow of traffic in parking aisles. A Parking Citation will be issued for failure to comply with this regulation.