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Sec. 905-20: Driver Safety and Driving Records: DMV Employer Pull Notice (EPN) Program Procedures

Responsible Office: Police Department
Revised: February 2007 (reviewed January 2016)

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Contact: UCI Police at (949) 824-5223 or police@uci.edu

A. Legal Requirements

These procedures implement the legal requirements of the California Commercial Vehicle Safety Act of 1988 regarding employee participation in the California Department of Motor Vehicles Employer Pull Notice (EPN) Program. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) notifies the University when employees are convicted of motor vehicle violations and when action is taken against a driver license or special driver certificate. Individuals considered by the University to have a poor driving record, or who are considered "negligent" by the Department of Motor Vehicles, as defined in the California Vehicle Code, Section 12810.5, cannot be employed as drivers.

Legal requirements apply to all University employees who, in the course of their employment:

  1. Operate a vehicle requiring a class A or class B driver's license; or
  2. Drive vehicles requiring special certificates such as ambulances, private school buses, farm labor vehicles, youth buses, vehicles transporting radioactive materials, vehicles transporting hazardous materials or wastes, and vehicles with tank configurations for transport of materials in gaseous or liquid forms; or
  3. All employees who are required to drive as an essential part of their duties or who routinely drive a University vehicle or University-owned rideshare vehicle.

B. Administrative Responsibility

The Vice Chancellor-Administrative and Business Services has overall administrative responsibility for implementation of procedures relating to procurement and maintenance of driver license records for UCI employees. All driver license records and any communications pertaining to those records are considered confidential.

C. Employee Responsibility

Employees are responsible for maintaining driver's licenses and special certificates required for the performance of job duties. Employees are also responsible for promptly notifying their supervisor of expiration, conviction, or other DMV actions against their driver's license or certificate.

D. Responsibilities of UCI Units with an EPN Program Requester Code

UCI Police has been assigned an EPN program requester code by the DMV and is considered the main campus liaison. Other units at UCI are also authorized under their own EPN requestor code to add, delete, and receive driver license records from the DMV for their area of responsibility. Like the UCI Police, they maintain and disseminate driver license records and reports for employees under their jurisdiction who participate in the EPN program. UCI Police will conduct an annual audit of departments authorized to have their own requestor code.

UCI Police, ASUCI, Environmental Health and Safety, University Extension / ESL, and Parking and Transportation Services, assume responsibility for:

  1. Maintaining an EPN program masterfile;
  2. Forwarding to the DMV the addition and deletion of employees to the EPN program as required by State law;
  3. Forwarding to the department manager/supervisor within 24 hours of receipt, any notice or summary of DMV actions/activities for an employee enrolled in the EPN program who receives an update to their DL record.
  4. Notifying the department manager/supervisor, the campus Risk Manager, and the Director, Environmental Health and Safety, when a participating employee has accumulated the number of points considered by the DMV to be "negligent"; and
  5. Forwarding to the department manager/supervisor within 10 working days of receipt, the annual DMV summary of actions/activity for all drivers registered in the EPN program.

Precautions should be taken to protect the confidentiality of employee records.

E. Responsibilities of Campus Departments

Department managers/supervisors will identify all staff and student open positions that require driving duties and participation in the EPN program, and will:

  1. Include a statement of the legal requirements in job descriptions for positions affected by State law and University policy;
  2. Advise the assigned employment representative in Human Resources that a current driver license record is required for all applicants for positions covered by this legislation;
  3. Provide applicants with the DMV Employer Pull Notice (EPN) Program Notification.
  4. Obtain a current driver license record printout from each applicant and include a copy in the applicant's recruitment file;
  5. Deny employment to any applicant whose driver license record indicates that the individual is considered "negligent," as defined in the California Motor Vehicle Code, Section 12810.5;
  6. When an employee is hired:
    1. Obtain a signed Authorization for Release of Driver Record Information from the employee and complete a Government Employer Pull Notice, Enrollment or Deletion of Drivers form. Send forms to UCI Police (unless the unit has its own requester code); the department manager will be notified when the DMV makes a new entry to the employee's driver license record;
    2. Retain a copy of the driver license record in the employee's personnel file, consistent with University policies pertaining to personnel records; and
    3. Require the completion of Environmental Health and Safety's Defensive Driver Training Program within the first 30 days of employment.
  7. On a continuing basis:
    1. Issue a warning Notice to Employee of Point Assignment to any employee whose driving record indicates one or more points have been assigned by the DMV;
    2. Prohibit an employee from driving University vehicles, and deny promotion or transfer to any employee whose driver license record indicates that the individual is considered "negligent," as defined in the California Motor Vehicle Code, Section 12810.5.
    3. Counsel and/or discipline, in consultation with assigned Human Resources personnel, employees who have been observed driving unsafely, involved in an accident while driving a University vehicle, or convicted of motor vehicle violations in University or private vehicles. Require completion of Environmental Health and Safety's Defensive Driver Training Program when appropriate; and
    4. Notify the UCI Police or DMV that the individual should be deleted from the EPN program within five days of a participating employee's termination date.

F. Responsibilities of Human Resources

When recruiting for employees who will operate University vehicles and who will be required to participate in the EPN Program, the assigned employment representative in Human Resources will reference the DMV Employer Pull Notice (EPN) Program Notification information in the job vacancy announcement. This advises applicants that a current driver license record will be required prior to a final job offer and that the position is subject to the requirements of the EPN Program.