University of California

Policy on Sustainable Practices
Outlines the University's principles of energy efficiency and sustainability for campus planning, financing, design, construction, renewal, maintenance, operation, space management, facilities utilization, and decommissioning of facilities and infrastructure consistent with budgetary constraints and regulatory and programmatic requirements.

UC Facilities Manual
Volume 2, Planning provides policies and guidelines for the design and construction of UC properties.

UC California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Handbook
The University of California adopted the state CEQA Guidelines and all future state guideline changes on March 17, 1989 (UC CEQA Handbook Appendix A). Thus, every time the State updates the CEQA guidelines, those automatically become UC’s guidelines.

State of California

California Natural Resources Agency
Aims to restore, protect and manage the State's natural, historical and cultural resources.

CEQA is a program that requires public agencies to disclose environmental implications of their actions and mitigate significant adverse environmental effects.

Natural Community Conservation Planning (NCCP)
With private and public partners, this program takes a broad-based ecosystem approach to planning for the protection and perpetuation of biological diversity.

UC Irvine

Sec. 901-12: Environmental Planning & Sustainability
This UCI section describes the role and responsibilities of the UCI office of Environmental Planning & Sustainability.

Environmental Planning & Sustainability
Responsible for the use and physical character of campus land and its overall environment.

Design & Construction Services
Responsible for the architectural and engineering implementation and management of the campus and medical center Capital Improvement Program.

UCI Sustainability
UC Irvine's commitment to environmental stewardship.

Green and Gold Plan
Identifies ways UCI manages existing campus landscape assets and provides direction for future development.

Long Range Development Plan
Identifies general types of campus development and land uses to support projected expansion of existing academic programs and to enable new academic program initiatives at UCI through the plan horizon year of 2025-26.